Our studio

Our studio

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Award Winning Team That Can Make Your Tattoo Shine

The team of artists at Tortured Souls Tattoo has everything covered

From Realistic Portraits to Pin ups, Japanese style, Traditional and much more, they can do it for you. In addition to Brittney, there is Senior Artist Rob Salazar, who specializes in Portraits, Realism, Black and Grey, New School, Traditional and Neo-traditional. Artist Jamos is also multi-talented and works full-time at the shop.

Want custom work done? This is the perfect place for you! The artists at Tortured Souls Tattoo in Pueblo

Custom Art At The Top Of Pueblo

Want custom work done? This is the perfect place for you! .

The artists at Tortured Souls Tattoo in Pueblo, Colorado are custom tattoo experts, specializing in realism and vivid, elaborate color pieces that are done by top-notch, professional artists in a fun and friendly atmosphere. And don't let a bad tattoo torture you. The professionals at Tortured Souls Tattoo also offer the highest quality tattoo removal and cover up services around. Whatever your tattoo needs, they've got you covered. Don't let a bad tattoo experience scar you. Be sure to leave a review for Tortured Souls Tattoo, and check out their Member Profile.

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Brittney Miles

As The Owner Brittney Miles Is One Of A Kind.

Brittney has a real passion for art, which she is nurturing in her community.

Brittney has a real passion for art, which she is nurturing in her community and in her own two children. After a few years in art school, Brittney participated in a three year apprenticeship with Tortured Souls Tattoo in Pueblo, Colorado. She then decided to partner up with an investor, who later left, leaving her as the sole owner of the shop. Since then she has worked to maintain a shop with an impeccable reputation for cleanliness and safety, while encouraging a fun, friendly, and upbeat environment. She admits that she encountered a bit of a stigma at first, being a female in the industry. But now she says that she is even busier than most of the guys in town..

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Art Is Life

My name is Jamos Douglas, I am a Tattooist of 8 years. I spent my early years as a rattlecan artist. My career in art dates back to 1995 where i was inspired by street art happening in my neighborhood. Following my new found passion as a painter i was introduced to tattooing as a career in 2008 where i did a traditional apprenticeship for just under 3 years. Tattooing has become a huge part of my life as I've studied the art constantly for my entire tattoo career. I have been a tattooer at Tortured Souls Tattoo for 3 years and found the perfect place to create tattoos and push personal envelopes with the extremely talented crew here at TST. My mission statement is to create quality tattoos for any individual with ideas or images provided by the client to bring an amazing experience resulting in a forever lasting piece of art you can be proud to wear the rest of your life! Thanks- Jamos Douglas .


Pueblo Is My Home

Hello My name is Nicholas Santistevan i've been a tattooer here in pueblo colorado for 7 years. I did a traditional tattoo apprenticeship. I have worked at TST for 2 years. I do all styles of tattooing and I am partial of Traditional tattooing. I am excited to see where this craft will take me in years to come.

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I Help Run The House

Hello my name is Joshua soto I am the shop Manager here at TST. I am also two years into my Traditional Apprenticeship. Being here at TST has been a blessing in my life and I look forward to see where my career in Tattooing Will take me..

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